Email Security Tips

Email Security Tips

  • Protect your email ID
    Your email ID is your identity and address on the internet and anyone may reach you from any part of the globe in minimum time and effort. Protect your email ID from being misused.

  • Do not publish your email ID on internet
    Do not disclose your email ID on websites, chat rooms, internet blogs or subscribe to mailing lists without having read the privacy policy of these sites. Your email ID could be shared or sold to marketing companies and may land up in the spam databases which become the target for receiving spam emails.

  • Protect your email box against spam
    Spam emails are unsolicited emails sent in large numbers to recipients for sales and marketing or some promotional activities. Do not reply / respond to spam emails as it may lead you to receiving more spam in your email box.

  • Do not open email attachments in haste
    Do not open attachments received from unknown sender or unexpected attachments from known senders. They may contain virus infected files most of the times.

  • Do not click on the links in emails asking for confidential information
    Please refer phishing frauds

  • Be wary of fraudulent emails
    You may receive emails well crafted to establish communication with you and lure you into a professional or personal relationship leading to using your Bank account for financial transactions over the internet also known as money laundering. Refer Money Mules